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Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab

UT Health Rehabilitation Center in Tyler has increased their current level of care to offer Pritikin’s Intensive Cardiac Rehab program.

The first of its kind in East Texas, Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR) provides the education and support patients need to begin building a new, healthier lifestyle.

Unlike traditional cardiac rehab programs that focus on physical exercise, Pritikin promotes recovery through three pillars:

  1. Safe, effective exercise
  2. A balanced eating plan
  3. A healthy mind-set

The pillars are introduced to program participants through immersive workshops, cooking classes and professionally-produced videos. The flexible curriculum can be tailored to fit patients’ needs, and is designed to support a variety of learning styles.

Through Pritikin ICR, patients learn how to:

  • Implement significant lifestyle changes.
  • Create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan.
  • Lose weight using healthy, evidence-based strategies.
  • Make heart-healthy food choices when cooking or dining out.
  • Implement a variety of strategies for tobacco cessation (if needed).
  • Manage stress in their daily lives.

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